Build Quick and Easy Meals

Coming up with 15-minute meals or 5-ingredient meals can be simple and satisfying. It is about including all the important components of a meal and mixing them together in a way that tastes good. Here is what you will want to think about:
1.  Add volume to a meal with fiber-rich veggies. Think of your meal planning as starting with the veggie instead of always with the meat. Aim for half of your plate being produce.
2.  Pick a lean protein. It doesn’t have to be much – just the size of a deck of cards will do the trick.
3.  Give the meal some depth with a healthy fat. It will taste great and help you feel satiated with your meal. Good choices include coconut, olive and avocado oil.
4.  Get some energy and brain fuel with a long-lasting carbohydrate. Your body responds so differently to unprocessed vs processed carbs – think steel cut oats vs flavored oatmeal packets.
5.  Flavor! This is where the magic happens. Spices, herbs, vinegars and non-sugary sauces can make such a difference in your meal.