Do Probiotics and Good Gut Health Help You Lose Weight?

Unhealthy weight comes with uncomfortable feelings like bloating, constipation, and reflux. And they come from your gut crying out for help. If you could just lose the weight, many of these issues would go away, but it’s so hard…

Your gut and the little probiotics within it are one of the keys to good health, and taking care of your gut lets you take care of your whole self – including losing weight!

What Does A Good, Healthy Gut Look Like?

Your gut is a very complicated and precise group of organs. Starting right at your mouth, your teeth grind food and mix it with saliva containing different enzymes to break down fats, proteins, and sugars. Then, it goes to your stomach, where it gets ground down further and mixed with acids and other enzymes to form chyme, a sludge-like mixture perfect for extracting nutrients.

This chyme moves into your intestine, where it mixes with neutralizing agents, bile, and other enzymes to break down further. Then, everything begins interacting with different bacteria and yeast that line your digestive system. Some break down fibers, some produce vitamins, and some just protect us from truly dangerous viruses and bacteria, like the stomach flu.

Your entire gut is lined with mucous membranes that protect your sensitive insides from damage and help absorb nutrients from your food.

When you eat good food and maintain a healthy weight, your gut has a better chance of staying healthy. The bacteria are happy and balanced, and the mucous lining remains healthy. Your bloating, cravings, and excess weight can disappear with a healthy gut.

When Things Break Down, You Gain Weight

Unfortunately, things do go wrong. Eating poor quality foods once in a while isn’t harmful or damaging. But, when ‘once in a while’ becomes ‘often,’ problems start.

The first big problem is not chewing food properly. Your stomach and intestines cannot break down large chunks of food, so these unchewed pieces start banging around your gut. You can’t absorb nutrients from chunks of food. So, you start craving more… and more food.

And cravings usually lead to eating sugary foods low in nutrition. Sugar makes you gain weight and less beneficial bacteria in your gut feed on sugar. Candida overgrows in the presence of sugar.

Finally, too many sugars lead to many problems, like diabetes, depression, hormone issues, and weight.

After a while, things break down further. You start experiencing irritable gut, bloating, cramping, indigestion… you start feeling tired, drained, and fat.

Then the doctors start talking about medication, and the downward spiral just worsens.

Change Your Gut To Change Your Weight

Fortunately, there is a way out.

You need a plan to figure out what’s going on in your gut and how to move back to a healthy state. That’s one of the things I specialize in – getting you back to a healthy state. It does take work, but it will help you feel good, energized and help you lose weight.

The first and biggest thing – start eating more vegetables. You really should try and get in 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. This is where you get most of your nutrition, and vegetables fill you up.

And the great thing about filling up on vegetables is it kicks out a lot of unhealthy snacks – things like donuts, chips, pretzels, and other processed junk. And as you get used to eating the vegetables, that junk starts not tasting so good (it really doesn’t taste good, but the chemicals change your taste receptors – you literally are addicted to the chemical flavors).

And to get that kick-started, your gut needs healthy probiotics. You can start with a simple supplement from the grocery store. Then, branch out into fermented foods. A lot of people need particular probiotics, which is something I test you for when we go through our program together. Just getting started on something will help move you in the right direction.

Once you start getting your gut to heal by eating more fruits and vegetables and getting healthy probiotics, you’ll find your energy going up. That will help you exercise and move around more, which will help you lose weight. You’ll start feeling better and actually being better. And that makes it easier to continue eating healthy and taking care of yourself.

If you want to learn more about the plans and how to shortcut your way to getting a healthy gut and a healthy life, give me a call. This really is your chance to head off health problems before they start.