Exposing The Dangers of Processed Foods

Cheri Stoka, Weight loss expertErica Gutierrez, Registered Dietitian and Functional Nutritionist at Weighless MD talks to Cheri Stoka, owner of Weighless MD about processed foods and their effect on the body. It is so important to note that children are developing adult diseases from being exposed to processed foods daily. Millions of people die each year from lifestyle diseases and we need to start educating children at a young age. These diseases are absolutely preventable! How can we provide balance for our children so we can get them to eat healthy without feeling deprived? Why are doctors not addressing prevention with their patients? How does the food industry play a role in the information we are being provided about healthy eating in our society? Erica and Cheri provide great insight into these questions as well as advice on how to guide our children to become intuitive, healthy eaters.