Weight Loss Is A Multifactorial Problem

Weight loss can be overwhelming. It usually takes more than just counting calories and exercising. There are many possible causes for weight gain or difficulties in losing weight.

* Allergies and food sensitivities – when you eat foods you are allergic to it can cause excess fluid retention due to the inflammatory and immune response. Food allergies can also influence the hunger response. The top 4 food allergens are wheat, dairy, soy, and eggs.

* Hormones- hormones produced during stress can lead to weight gain and cravings for stimulants like coffee, sugar, soda and salt. If you eat while in a stressed state, your body stores calories as fat rather than burns them.

* Sleep – you must get adequate sleep. Sleep deprivation causes an imbalance in hormones which increase hunger and decrease feelings of satiety with your meal. This must be a priority.

* Gut health – stress, poor food choices, and antibiotics are a few factors that can affect our gut health. Poor gut health leads to a multitude of health issues including weight gain.

* Nutrient deficiencies – many Americans suffer from deficiencies in vitamins and minerals but don’t even know it. Deficiencies can be a significant cause of health issues including struggles with maintaining a healthy weight.

* Medications – there are several common medications that cause weight gain and/or increased hunger.