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Weighless MD offers quick, safe, and effective weight loss programs to address each person’s weight loss and wellness goals.  We take a unique approach because we understand how the body works and how to get the body in a balanced state for optimal and sustainable weight loss.

Weighless MD offers a variety of strategic weight loss programs, appetite suppressants, semaglutide injections,  nutrition counseling,  specialty testing, and body sculpting options.

Lowering calories no longer works because our bodies are sicker and metabolically dysfunctional.  We know how to get your body back to where it needs to be for optimal weight loss.

Are you ready for the change you have been waiting for?   All our programs are 100% virtual so we can work with anyone nationwide!

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Weighless MD Services

Strategic Weight Loss

4 week programs that quickly produce weight loss while healing and rebalancing the body.  These programs target resistant fat stores, decrease inflammation in the body and improve insulin sensitivity. 

HCG (Sublingual Drops )

Small doses of HCG combined with a structured low-calorie diet allows the body to target abnormal fat stores, reset hunger signals and rebalance other hormones in the body. The diet includes clean eating while following a low carb, low fat diet for a specified amount of time. Average weight loss in 4 weeks is 15-25 lbs.

HCA Lean (3 synergistic supplements)

Synergistic natural supplements combined with a structured low-calorie diet helps the body burn abnormal fat stores while suppressing the appetite. The supplements are enhanced with exercise so this program is for somebody who wishes to continue their exercise regimen while on a weight loss program. Average weight loss is 4 weeks is 15-25 lbs.

HC2 (3 synergistic supplements)

Synergistic natural supplements combined with a structured low-calorie diet helps the body access abnormal fat stores while suppressing the appetite, decreasing inflammation and supporting liver detoxification This program is ideal for anyone who is in an unhealthy state and/or was told they have fatty liver disease. Average weight loss is 4 weeks is 15-25 lbs.

Medication options

Semaglutide Weekly Injections

FDA approved medication for weight loss. It includes a healthy, flexible meal plan plus a weekly injection that improves insulin sensitivity, blood sugar metabolism and reduces appetite and cravings. It is a titrated medication and can take up to 3 months to get to the right dose for you. The Average weight loss in 4 weeks is 10-15 lbs.

HCG Daily Injections

Daily injection of HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) combined with a structured, low calorie diet promotes significant fat loss while preserving muscle. Your appetite is significantly reduced because your body is using its own stored fat efficiently for calories. HCG also has hormone balancing effects and can benefit both men and women. Average weight loss is 4 weeks is 15-25 lbs.


We offer phentermine which is an appetite suppressant that helps patients manage hunger. We provide nutrition counseling and meal plans for optimal results.

Specialty Testing

GI Map – gut/microbiome analysis

The gut is the foundation to the human body. It affects every system in our body. Our Gi Map test will assess a patient’s microbiome with specific attention to bacterial, parasitic, and viral pathogens that can cause disease and digestive conditions. Our test will also identify the health of your immune system, digestive function and state of inflammation in your body.

Food Sensitivity Testing

We use two different Food sensitivity tests at WLMD: MRT (Mediator Release Test) and KBMO. 

Knowing the foods that you are sensitive to and removing them in a strategic way, can improve many different conditions such as migraines, chronic inflammation, GI discomfort, difficulty losing weight, skin problems, autoimmune disorders, fatigue,  and so much more! More and more people are complaining of food sensitivities because their guts are compromised.  Every time you eat a sensitive food, your immune system is triggered  and that elicits an inflammatory response hence chronic inflammation.  Chronic inflammation is the start of all diseases.  Call us to learn more.

MRT test is a blood test

KBMO is a finger prick blood spot.  This test all screens for leaky (permeable) gut

Hormone Testing ( ZRT)

Blood Spot or saliva samples are taken to provide an extensive profile of sex hormones, along with their metabolites, to identify symptoms of hormonal imbalances. Our hormone specialist will interpret your results and provide a customized plan to get you feeling better quickly.

Additional Services

Sculpsure: Heat-Laser Fat Removal Treatment

Sculpsure is a non-invasive, light-based technology that targets and destroys treated fat cells. No surgery. No downtime. This treatment is ideal for someone who is close to their ideal weight but frustrated with specific areas that won’t go away with diet and exercise. Commonly treated areas include side flanks, abdomen and arms.

Nutrition Counseling with a specific food plan – bi-weekly or monthly sessions

Unique 1:1 experience with a dietitian. Session includes coaching, goal setting, behavior change techniques and custom meal plans. This is ideal for someone who is looking for customized, long term eating guidance.

Phentermine Medication

We consider appetite suppressants a short-term approach to add while incorporating positive behavior changes and modifications to the diet. Work with a dietitian to get a tailored meal plan.

554 Fasting with Food – 30 day program

Allow the body to heal on its own with our Fasting with Food program. The first 5 days is prepping the body with healthy, anti- inflammatory foods. The next 5 days is eating our prescribed diet which keeps your body in a fasted state. The last 4 days involve transitioning out of the fasted state. We provide very specific foods in our kit that support this process. You will then transition into an intermittent fasting plan that supports a continued fat burning state. All recipes and meal plans are provided.

This program is ideal for those who are suffering from autoimmune/gut conditions, sluggish metabolism, chronic inflammatory conditions such as (pain, arthritis).


Before and After


I cannot say enough great things about Cheri and the entire team at Weighless MD. Not only is Cheri incredibly knowledgeable about all facets of health & wellness, she’s also wonderfully understanding, thoughtful & empathetic. She is also very responsive at getting back if any type of question arises, and she’s also incredibly personable and really cares about her clients. Again, I cannot stress enough the level of kindness & knowledge of Cheri and her entire staff. It’s above and beyond. I so look forward to continue working with her in order to heal my body, mind and spirit. Thank you again to the entire team. And a great staff is also a direct reflection of the company and its founder. Going through health issues is never a fun ride, but it helps tremendously when you’re working with wonderful people. I would recommend Cheri in a heartbeat to anyone experiencing health issues. I’ve worked with dozens of medical practitioners this past year and FINALLY got my diagnosis… because of Cheri. I couldn’t be more grateful.

-Kika Dwyer

Great experience with Weighless. I had multiple complications and we overcame them resulting in significant weight loss. I am going to continue to use them for additional services.

-Pete Shippee

Cheri and her staff are incredibly knowledgeable, caring and kind. My plan was customized to me, not a cookie cutter program. You are not sold a program and then sent on your way. You meet with a medical staff and dietician weekly. If you are considering looking into many of their programs offered, I would highly recommend them for any health and wellness needs.

-Susan Schaff

My husband & I do an annual metabolic reset after the holidays excess of eating and drinking. The HCG program along w/support from daily emails, virtual meetings and ease of the program have resulted in success each time we do it. Weight Loss (usually 20+ lbs for my husband and 10+ for me). It is truly the best way to start the new year. Thank you, Cheri!

-Michelle Libesch

I was a little nervous going into the clinic. Just dealing with my weight having people measure your fat is a very un comfortable thing for me. Cheri and her staff made it very easy for me to put my nerves aside. I really felt like they wanted me to succeed with my weight loss journey as much as I want it. It even made me a little emotional knowing I don’t have to do this alone I have my own cheering section now! Thanks for the great experience and I’m looking forward to this journey with you guys.

-Tracie Ligocki