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Healthy Dorm Room Meals

When your child leaves for college, there is so much that runs through parents’ minds. You are mostly so proud but then you start to worry.  The worry then brings you back to the days when you were in the same situation.  You probably, if you’re like me, worry more for your child while simultaneously…
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Fake Meat – Is It healthier or just business?

Are you looking to jump on the fake meat trend right now? You might want to think again. While the marketing says it’s better for your health and the environment, the reality is this fake meat is simply over-processed food-like products. It has more in common with cheap deli meat than with a high-quality steak.…
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9 Food Chemicals Banned Everywhere BUT the US

Brominated Oils… Potassium Bromate… Azodicarbonamide… Sound scary? These food additives are found everywhere… in processed food products. And you might not even know it unless you’re really looking at the ingredient list. But why? Why do companies use these chemicals? There are a couple of reasons: Greed  Enhanced flavor Extended the shelf life Reduced bacterial…
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