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9 Food Chemicals Banned Everywhere BUT the US

Brominated Oils… Potassium Bromate… Azodicarbonamide… Sound scary? These food additives are found everywhere… in processed food products. And you might not even know it unless you’re really looking at the ingredient list. But why? Why do companies use these chemicals? There are a couple of reasons: Greed  Enhanced flavor Extended the shelf life Reduced bacterial…
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The Gut Reason You Can’t Lose Weight

  There’s a very real reason why you’re having trouble losing weight. It’s not what you think, and really, it’s not entirely your fault. I did a whole presentation on why your body struggles to lose weight and why you can’t keep it off (see below). So let me say: Weight loss just is not…
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Gut Bacteria Affects Weight Loss Efforts

We know that weight loss is complex, right? We’ve also heard that everything we do stems from our gut, but what exactly does that mean? The gut runs almost every function in the body from digestion to absorption, to helping getting rid of waste, to balancing hormones, and it even plays a role in the…
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Why HCG Works so Well for Weight Loss

Weighless MD is here to give you the breakdown of HCG and why it is so effective and beneficial for weight loss. Despite what you may have heard about HCG prior to reading this blog post, Weighless MD is here to reassure you that HCG is an effective and safe weight loss program.  Why HCG…
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Why Resolutions Fail

Are you the “New Year, New Me” type of New Year’s resolution setter? Well, maybe it’s time to start thinking differently about weight loss.  Weighless MD is here to tell you why you shouldn’t be making resolutions and investing in your health only at the start of a New Year.  Why should you invest in…
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