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Gut Bacteria Affects Weight Loss Efforts

We know that weight loss is complex, right? We’ve also heard that everything we do stems from our gut, but what exactly does that mean? The gut runs almost every function in the body from digestion to absorption, to helping getting rid of waste, to balancing hormones, and it even plays a role in the…
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Why HCG Works so Well for Weight Loss

Weighless MD is here to give you the breakdown of HCG and why it is so effective and beneficial for weight loss. Despite what you may have heard about HCG prior to reading this blog post, Weighless MD is here to reassure you that HCG is an effective and safe weight loss program.  Why HCG…
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Why Resolutions Fail

Are you the “New Year, New Me” type of New Year’s resolution setter? Well, maybe it’s time to start thinking differently about weight loss.  Weighless MD is here to tell you why you shouldn’t be making resolutions and investing in your health only at the start of a New Year.  Why should you invest in…
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Dan’s Journey Blog 6

Where has the time gone? By Dan T It’s hard to believe, but this is my 12th week in the HCG program with Weighless MD. And the results have been stunning. Heading into the last week of injections before a 30-day “reboot,” I’ve shed 62 pounds off what was an incredibly unhealthy body that was…
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Dan’s Journey Blog 5

Knowledge is power By Dan T As a journalist for more than 25 years, I’ve always considered myself as somewhat inquisitive. If I don’t know the answer, I will find it out. Guessing isn’t really a good option, because in my business, we rely on facts (despite what the current state of journalism may be).…
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Dan’s Journey Blog 4

Sticking with it By Dan T This week marked the start of my seventh week in the program – and as I write this, it’s officially been 38 days since I first walked into the offices of Weighless MD to embark on this journey. Through the years and just about every fad diet, every attempt…
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Dan’s Journey Blog 3

Blog 3 By Dan T Any time you begin a weight loss journey, there’s a certain number of failures that should be expected – and I know, because I’ve lived them all. There’s usually a great start, you drop some weight, start feeling better and then something derails you. For me, there’s been any number…
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