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Weighless MD takes a unique approach to weight loss.  They believe that restricting calories and exercising more simply does not work when the body is out of balance. Weighless MD offers strategic weight loss programs, nutrition expertise, and specialty testing to accelerate each person’s weight loss efforts. Founded by Cheri Stoka, a registered dietitian and functional nutritionist, Weighless MD began as a result of  Cheri’s lifelong passion for health and wellness. “I could not sit back and watch our nation’s health spiral out of control because of the misleading information out there. People deserved to learn the truth about weight loss.”

After years of running her practice, Cheri realized that she needed to scale and automate her programs. What this means is that  Weighless MD’s weight loss programs are also online which offers the franchisee all the benefits that she has experienced. 

  1. Reduction in staff time (simply set the patient up on the program)
  2. Alignment with future virtual models and potential shut downs
  3. Ensure all patients receive the same crucial information when following a weight loss plan.
weighless franchise with Cheri Stoka

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Cheri attributes her success to the efforts of her team, which consists of integrative practitioners, dietitians, and nurse practitioners who are dedicated to improving the lives of their patients. They are committed to not only executing short term programs but are driven to support the long term maintenance plans that they provide.  Weighless MD has built a community of patients and followers who acknowledge their relentless hard work, dedication and expertise in this area so it seemed logical that the next step was to share their incredible weight loss business model with other communities through this new franchise opportunity!

Weighless MD guarantees quick results by offering strategic weight loss programs that quickly get the body in a healthier metabolic state.They help tackle underlying imbalances that may be affecting the body’s ability to lose weight.  Weighless MD is on a mission to revolutionize the weight loss industry by using integrative philosophies that support the core center of health, and more importantly, empower self-advocacy so weight loss is long term. Thanks to this aspect of their weight loss program, they’ve had a stream of success, and franchising with them would mean investing in their vision to help other individuals throughout the world. 

Cheri Stoka and her team will continue to innovate and demystify what is known about weight loss today.  They are also committed to finding new ways to automate and drive change. “As our influence continues to stretch into other communities, we believe that our program will change the way people think about weight loss. We hope to continue enriching people’s lives, each and every day.”

Once you join their cause, you’ll be able to stretch their influence even further.

Franchise Opportunity

We are offering a storefront franchise opportunity. Prospective locations should be at least 1400 – 1800 square feet and ideally be free-standing or in a strip mall. We will work with franchisees to ensure location designs meet the franchise needs.

The total initial investment for the Weighless MD franchise can range from $114,250 to $196,500 and includes a one-time franchise fee of $35,000. Your initial investment will cover many of the essential expenses of opening the Weighless MD franchise location, such as furniture and fixtures, the initial inventory, and the construction of any necessary leasehold improvements.

Training & Resources

Weighless MD has continued to pave the way in the healthcare industry thanks to our indisputable service and commitment to our client’s wellbeing. We would not have come this far had it not been for our extensive experience over the years.

But fear not! As a franchisee, you’ll be able to obtain the same level of quality service we are known for through our comprehensive training program. You will learn the ins and outs of the industry to rely on and some of the best industry practices to have a successful career with us.

This website and the information contained herein do not constitute the offer or sale of a franchise. Certain states require the registration of an FDD before the franchisor can advertise or offer the franchise in that state. This franchise may not be registered in all states and may not offer franchises to residents of registration states or persons wishing to open a franchise in those states until compliance guidelines are met. The offer and sale of a franchise can only be made through the delivery and receipt of a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).