Quick Weight Loss Diet

Personalizing Weight Loss for Best Results

Weight loss is complex but we make it simple with our signature quick weight loss programs.

We have spent years perfecting the programs that target fat loss and while these are straight-forward – your personal health, motivation, lifestyle and foundational factors affecting your weight loss are unique to you and we approach each patient that way. 

Our programs:

  • target fat loss
  • minimize hunger
  • focus on clean, healthy eating
  • include coaching on sustainable changes
  • diet education and goal setting
  • weekly visits with empowering support
  • relaxed and understanding sessions with clinical providers
  • improve energy and vitality
We offer 4 week to 26 week programs that fit your weight loss goals.

Signature Quick Weight Loss Diet

Weighless MD offers a unique and effective weight loss treatment that combines small doses of a pro-hormone with a specific restricted-calorie diet that helps release abnormal fat stores and supports a healthy body transition. 

When the body mobilizes (releases) fat stores that have been dormant for a long time, hormones are released (a normal process), and they communicate with the brain to suppress the appetite and enhance the body’s ability to burn fat.

Normally, a low calorie diet will produce weight loss; however, there will be a loss of muscle and lean tissue which will ultimately affect the body’s metabolism. This rapid weight loss program can create a new weight set point, making it easier to maintain your new weight.


  • weekly visits
  • diet includes lean proteins, vegetables, fruit and dairy
  • most popular plan

keto HCA Lean Program

Supplements, Structured Eating and Exercise

Weighless MD has combined specific supplements that mimic our signature program. These are all natural and allow for more flexibility with the diet and added exercise. 

This rapid weight loss program targets and mobilizes stubborn fat, reduces hunger and increases energy.