Wellness Injections

Wellness Injections allow beneficial nutrients to be absorbed into the bloodstream quickly and in therapeutic doses for many health benefits.

LIPOTROPIC – B12 – energy and restoration

This injection is an energy boosting combo of glutamine, ornithine, arginine, lysine, citrulline and hydroxocobalamin (absorbable form of B12). Each of these ingredients helps the body turn fat into energy and are also powerful antioxidants. It promotes brain acuity, enhances liver function and improves gut health. 

The formula has ingredients to reduce appetite, build muscle and  promote a healthy immune  system.

Who would benefit from lipotropic – B12?

  • Anyone with digestive issues
  • Anyone with low-energy 
  • Anyone with high cholesterol
  • Anyone with high stress/anxiety
  • Anyone with chronic inflammation
  • Anyone trying to lose weight

GLUTATHIONE INJECTIONS – powerful antioxidant

This injection helps the body detox and protect against oxidative damage, supports immune function, helps regulate the health of our cells and is anti-aging.

Who would benefit from glutathione? 

  • Anyone who is restricting calories, fasting or exercising in excess
  • Anyone who has an autoimmune disease, inflammation, and/or cancer
  • Anyone who has a poor diet, with little fruits and vegetables
  • Anyone taking medications or antibiotics
  • Anyone experiencing stress or has a difficult time handling stress
  • Anyone exposed to UV radiation


This injection helps the body reduce inflammation, helps support immune function, aids in weight loss, and promotes healthy bone growth. 

Who would benefit from vitamin D? 

  • Anyone who is not exposed regularly to sunlight
  • Anyone who has an autoimmune disease, inflammation, and/or cancer
  • Anyone who is avoiding fatty fish and fortified dairy products
  • Anyone taking medications or antibiotics

It is important to get Vitamin D levels checked regularly as a deficiency can lead to many health issues. 

Other injections available upon request.

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