Dan’s Journey Blog 3

Blog 3

By Dan T

Any time you begin a weight loss journey, there’s a certain number of failures that should be expected – and I know, because I’ve lived them all.

There’s usually a great start, you drop some weight, start feeling better and then something derails you. For me, there’s been any number of excuses that have stopped my progress. I could list them all, but the list is endless.

But not this time. This time is different.

As I start the sixth week of this program, I’ve officially dropped 34 pounds, including seven in the past week. And even after dropping 13 the first week, this past week’s was the most excited I’ve felt in my time involved with this program, and perhaps, in my entire life.

This past week was a challenging one personally with the loss of a loved one and increased stress at my job. And in past years, both would have given me an out to go back to bad habits. But for whatever reason, perhaps a sudden growth of will power or my brain just refusing to quit, I stayed the course, followed the diet to a T, did my daily injections without fail and even got in a little exercise.

And the end result when I stood on the scale was a drop of 7 pounds. I couldn’t have been any more excited. Now, that doesn’t mean I’m ready to run a marathon at 387 pounds today, but that’s a far cry better than the 421 I checked in at on Jan. 8. The motivation I feel from yesterday’s weigh in and meeting with Amanda and Elizabeth is off the charts, because now I just want to keep going and going and going.

In the past, I’ve been one to really beat myself up with my failures.
And instead of rallying from those failures, I would just sink deeper and deeper until I was back on an unhealthy path with my diet, my alcohol consumption and my lack of activity. But as bad as failures were, the successes are 1,000 times better – and when you get a moment of success, you need to celebrate those.

As I’ve written previously, this is a journey. It’s not a diet. It’s a change in lifestyle. I’m committed to this program for the long term, and hopefully, by the time I’m done, I will have the knowledge and the positive habits to keep all this weight off, this time for good. And I know I’m going to have failures. To date, I haven’t cheated the program, not even once. But I’m certain that will happen at some point. But instead of dwelling on the failures, you need to quickly get back on track and keep moving forward.

Moving forward should be my new mantra … no more looking in the past and all that happened the last 47 years. Now it’s just time to move forward, continue taking things day by day, and most of all, celebrate the successes when they come. Once you start feeling healthier, there’s no desire to go back to the way things were.

Nope, I’m continuing to move forward. Every single day.

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