Three Supplements Everyone Needs

High Quality Multivitamin

You may be eating a very healthy, balanced diet but it’s likely that you may be deficient in some vitamins and minerals due to the decreased nutrients available in our foods today, increased stress levels and toxin exposure we all experience, and the increasing prevalence of gut issues. 

 Since there is no way to know exactly which nutrients you’re deficient in without proper testing (which we do offer if you want to find out), we recommend a high-quality multivitamin to all patients. We are versed in recommending the best vitamin and mineral supplement for you. It is what you will actually digest and absorb that counts.


Did you know that nearly 80% of your immune system is located in your gut, and up to 95% of your serotonin (responsible for regulating mood) is produced in your gut. This means that if the balance of bacteria in your gut is thrown off, it can lead to a whole host of problems, including weight issues, depression, anxiety, and leaky gut, to name a few. 

 Taking a probiotic every day can help keep your microbiome in balance, which promotes a healthy GI tract, relieves digestive discomfort, promotes a normal bowel pattern, and supports overall wellness. Not all probiotics are created equal, though, so ask us what we recommend.


Vitamin D/K2

You hear so much about vitamin D, but why? Over 50,000 of the chemical reactions in your body require the presence of adequate amounts of vitamin D in your blood. The vitamin also contributes to bone strength, heart health, and cancer prevention. Vitamin D plays an important role in your immune system, and can be one of the determining factor in whether or not you develop an autoimmune disease.

Don’t forget vitamin K2. It could be the most important vitamin you take to support calcium deposition in your bones, not your arteries