Vitamin D – How much do you really need?

Vitamin D has received a lot of attention in the past several years, but how many of us really understand the role it plays in the body? Vitamin D not only regulates calcium absorption, but also impacts the nervous system and immune system. Your body produces vitamin D through exposing your skin to natural sunlight, but you can also get vitamin D through your diet and supplements. Some foods are now fortified to include vitamin D such as milk, orange juice, and cereals. Natural sources of vitamin D include cod liver oil, whole eggs, and organ meats.

A few signs of vitamin D deficiency include head sweating, aching bones, digestive problems, fatigue and mild depression. You are naturally at risk of vitamin D deficiency if you are African American, over age 50, or if you are overweight or obese. Please take steps to get your vitamin D levels checked. It is an easy blood test, but still not regularly checked by most doctors.