Water, Water, Water


We often get the question on how much water they should drink a day.  To calculate how much water you need each day take your weight in lbs and divide it in half, this is how much water you need to drink in ounces.  For example: 200 lbs / 2 = 100 oz of water daily.

Coffee, tea, soda, even water additives (like crystal light) have additional things in them like sugar, caffeine, or artificial sweeteners that do not help our bodies function to their best ability.   Plain water is best.   If you need something in your water for taste the best additives would be to infuse real fruit, vegetables, and herbs.  Lemons, limes, raspberries, strawberries, cucumbers, can all be good additives for water.

Try some of our favorite combinations for you next infusion:

Cucumber + lime + strawberry + mint

Lemon + raspberry + rosemary

Orange + blueberry + basil

Watermelon + honeydew + mint