Why HCG Works so Well for Weight Loss

Weighless MD is here to give you the breakdown of HCG and why it is so effective and beneficial for weight loss. Despite what you may have heard about HCG prior to reading this blog post, Weighless MD is here to reassure you that HCG is an effective and safe weight loss program. 

Why HCG you might ask?

Weighless MD’s HCG Program is very different from any other weight loss program you may have read about or tried. If you work to follow the protocol Weighless MD lays out for you while on HCG, we can guarantee you will have optimal weight loss results. HCG works to keep your body in fat burning mode long-term versus carb burning mode. Weighless MD’s HCG Weight Loss Program consists of lots of lean protein, veggies, increased water intake, and a decrease in the consumption of grains. 

You’re probably wondering what HCG does to help with weight loss?

HCG works to reset the hypothalamus so that the body works to mobilize abnormal fat. Our body then begins to release fat stores, which is a signal that our body has had enough to eat. This is why you don’t feel hungry while on HCG and the exact reason why you tend to feel hungry on other diets because normal diets do not mobilize fat. 

This brings me to the next segment of HCG. When people hear HCG the first thing that often comes to mind is “low calorie.” While it is a more restrictive diet, you can be sure that you are still consuming enough food and calories. Fat is stored calories and since our body is in fat burning mode while on HCG, our body is getting enough calories through our own fat stores. 

That brings me to the nutritional content of the HCG Weight Loss Program. As mentioned above the diet consists of lean protein, veggies, and increased water intake. By drinking half your bodyweight in water every day, your body will flush out the build-up of unwanted fluids, hydrate cells, improve metabolism and fat mobilization. Increased water intake works to help manage hunger signals and works against the retention of water – if you don’t drink enough water your body will continue to retain it!

Now you’re probably wondering why you must eat lots of lean protein while on HCG?

Protein makes up muscle; therefore, if you do not consume adequate amounts of protein, your body will not have the building blocks it needs to maintain muscle mass. You’re probably thinking “exercise helps to build muscle too.” Well, you’re not wrong, but without enough protein, your body will continue to look for alternate ways to create protein and eventually fatigue. This is why Weighless MD recommends an increased intake of protein while on HCG and minimal exercise, we work to maintain your muscle mass and do not want your body looking for other ways to create protein. 

Have more questions about HCG and why it’s such an effective weight loss program? Feel free to reach out to Weighless MD, our health practitioners are here to help you with all your weight loss questions! You can read up on all our programs by clicking here.